The Audi Q3 is a small/medium compact crossover vehicle, available in both front-wheel and four-wheel drive formats.  The Q3 is manufactured by the German carmaker Audi, part of the Volkswagen Group, and was launched onto the market early in 2011.  The Q3 shares many styling features with other cars in the Audi range, but has won many fans by successfully combining the feel and driving position of a larger 4x4 with the handling and looks of a conventional 5-door hatchback or estate.

A common way to obtain a used Audi Q3, especially as it is a comparatively recent addition to the market, is to buy from Audi’s UK main dealer network as an approved used car.  Buying an Audi Q3 in this way will provide extra peace of mind, as vehicles offered for sale will have undergone extensive checks by Audi-trained staff at the dealership, have had any faults or defects discovered during those checks rectified using genuine parts, will have completed history and mileage checks, and will come with a 12-month warranty with roadside assistance should its original warranty have expired or become void.  Audi’s UK website has a search facility, allowing users to search for any models in the Audi range currently in stock at its network of main dealers.  This will allow you to search and learn of current stock availability or, alternatively, you can visit your local Audi dealership for more information on approved used Audi sales.

The internet is also home to a growing number of independent websites where private sellers and motor traders can offer their cars for sale.  These sites also provide the opportunity for buyers to search a wider range of available vehicles using the search function, and can tailor the selection criteria to ensure the website displays vehicles with the specification, price, and location to suit their needs.

If purchasing an Audi Q3 from a private seller or small independent motor trader it is best to try and find out as much as you can about the history of the vehicle, and it is possible to carry out your own checks into this.  There are a number of service providers offering checks into whether a vehicle has been stolen, written off, or is subject to outstanding finance.  It is better to be safe than sorry when paying good money for a used car. If not buying through the Audi UK approved used car sales network, it is important to find out if the service history of the vehicle has been kept up to date. If the car is still under warranty, and servicing and repairs have not been carried out on time and by Audi-approved technicians, the warranty may be void.  The way to check for this is to see whether the cars service book has been kept up to date, and has been stamped with the mark of a Audi main dealer or approved repair and service centre.