In today’s financially driven world I think it is safe to say that all of us are constantly looking for ways to make money, ways to save money and hunting for tips to maximise both of the aforementioned. Aside from the cost of paying for your home, one of the greatest life expenses for many of us is that of the car that we drive. I will say now that when I took out the agreement for my Audi Q3 business car leasing deal I could not have been happier with the prices that I signed for, however it still constitutes the biggest cost for me after my mortgage. Whether you drive a Ferrari or a Ford KA, this will probably be the same for you.

Fortunately I have been around the block enough times to know how to save a pretty penny here and there. Firstly, one saving which is unknown to many, is that which you achieve on fuel. Say that you drive a contract hire Q3 like me for example, the best time to fill it up will petrol or diesel is in the morning. Now if you are like my friend Jason you will probably be looking quite confused right about now. Let me explain; fuel expands in heat and thus it is best to fill up in the morning when it is at its coldest to ensure you get a denser liquid.

Secondly you have to think about what sort of vehicle you are after and how you will pay for it. I was at a conference out in Germany not too long ago and learnt a lot about maximising your money. Should you get a used Fiat Panda or a lease Audi Q3? The answer for me is simple – if you are someone who enjoys the luxuries of brand new cars then you should consider leasing. It allows you to pay monthly and keep more money in your bank for longer.

Lastly you should consider the vehicle’s economy. It makes sense to buy a model with a frugal engine, to give you significant savings when you are filling up at the pump. This is another advantage of leasing. If you are considering an Audi Q3 personal contract hire then you are safe in the knowledge that you’ll be receiving a new car. Technology is constantly improving and therefore newer cars are more fuel efficient than older ones. Of course there are other things to think about; there might be other savings to be with something totally different like a used Citroen C4 on residual values, but at least with a lease it is a low initial rental and opens up your affordability to a wider range of car models.